The Bravery Effect

Angie is a life and business coach specialising in transitions and adaptation. She has gone through numerous transitions in her personal life and is passionate about helping her clients achieve success in navigating new careers and life shifts. She approaches life with boldness, curiosity, humor and authenticity and reverberates this through her coaching and with her clients. The Bravery Effect is about being brave in spreading that throughout your life journey. 

Welcome to The Bravery Effect 

The Bravery Effect helps those who are going through a transition in their personal lives or career. I spent the last 15 years (maybe more) of my life adapting to new situations with a bold sense of curiosity and I am passing on my wisdom, knowledge and bravery to help others through rough patches - get YOU out of your comfort zone and ready to seize every opportunity with a new sense of awareness.


This site is used as a conversation starter, a journey planner and a portal to find your next move with a partner in crime.


Brave Stories

Submit stories and instances of bravery. Conversations of courage start with words on the page. I guarantee you'll feel better once your voice is heard.

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Take Action

The Bravery Effect offers workshops and personal coaching sessions in person and online. From relationships to career, there's empowering exercises, thought provoking questions and support through it all.

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Angie Johnson - Transition and Ontological Coach

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